Staff and Board Members

Office Staff

Anna McWhinney – Executive Director

Anna started working at the Central Abbotsford Community School Society as a Program Instructor when we opened in 2004.  She absolutely loved working at the Summer Camps and teaching Soccer, Basketball, Preschool Programs, Cooking, Crafts, and more.  Working at the Community School with the awesome staff and families brought her so much joy that she started also working in the office as the Administrative Assistant.  After a few years, Anna moved into the role of Program Coordinator, and it gave her such fulfillment to have input into what programs the Community School could offer and to work closely with the staff to create high-quality programming opportunities for kids in the schools of Central Abbotsford.  In 2010 Anna was hired as the Executive Director and has continued in that role through our transition into becoming the Abby Community School Society.  Anna is honoured to work with such a strong team here at the ACSS and is so happy to have a job that is extremely rewarding and fun.  When she’s not at the office, Anna loves cooking, hiking, watching movies, and spending time with her family.


Kelly Kelemen – Primary Program Coordinator

Kelly started working with CACS in 2015 and continued on through the merger of both community schools. Kelly is the Primary Program Coordinator for ACSS. Kelly got to know our community school firsthand as her two children attended many of our programs and events. She appreciates the meaningful work that is brought into the Abbotsford community through ACSS and feels it is an honour for her to be a part of the ACSS team. She is passionate about her work and loves bringing quality programming to the community. Kelly loves connecting with students, families, schools, and working with instructors, she makes it a goal to find the best program for each client and staff member.  In her personal life, she enjoys cooking, going snowboarding, playing pickleball and hiking with her family and friends. 


Amanda Bamford – Program Coordinator

Amanda started working with CACS in 2016 as a Program Instructor. In 2021, she transitioned into a role as a Program Coordinator for ACSS. Amanda has a passion for helping others within the community as well as providing educational and social development for children and youth. She acknowledges how significant it is for children to develop positive role models and aspires to create programs which benefit both students and their families. Amanda loves creating connections with instructors, administration staff, and local families of Abbotsford. In her personal life, Amanda enjoys hairstyling and makeup, cooking homemade meals, and running in races with her husband.


Board of Directors

Tara Kennedy


Zsolt Kovacs


Kelly Pater


Cheryl Havens

Vice Chairperson

George Bryce

Secretary Treasurer