Policies and Procedures

Refund Policy 

  • Programs – Refunds will be given up to 3 business days before the program start date. There will be a $5 admin fee per program. No refund will be given after these dates. 
  • Camps – Refunds will be given up to 2 weeks before the camp start date. There will be a $10 processing fee per refund. No refund will be given less than 2 weeks before the camp start date. In special circumstances, credits may be issued upon approval of the ACSS Executive Director.
  • Removal by Society – In the rare case that a student is removed from a program or camp by the society, a pro-rated refund will be given at the discretion of the Executive Director. 
  • Mandatory Closures – There may be the rare event of mandatory program or camp closures due to school district or government mandates. The policy in this case is as follows: 
    – For programs or camps that have begun, we will provide a pro-rated credit to your Amilia account.
    – For programs or camps that have NOT begun, we will provide a full refund minus a $10.00 processing fee, using the same method of payment used upon registration (ex: credit card). 
  • Processing Time – Please note that refunds can take anywhere between 7-10 business days to appear back on your credit card.  

Program Cancellations 

  • Notifications – We will notify all participants of program cancellations via email and/or phone latest by 4pm of day of program. 
  • Snow Days and Unforeseen Events – Please note that all programs will be cancelled on school district snow days. For other unforeseen events such as poor weather, school emergency, school district priority, and such, our programs could potentially be cancelled. For the above cancellations, we will not provide a credit or refund.  
  • Make Up Classes – In case of unforeseen cancellations, we will try our best to make up the missed class time by extending class time or adding additional classes.  
  • Low Registrations – Programs that have lower than required registration numbers will be cancelled. In such events, a full refund will be provided. 

Bullying and Behaviour Expectations 

  • Bullying – We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. 
  • Participation – Students are expected to do their best in participating in all activities. 
  • Safety and Listening – Students are expected to listen to instructors and follow program or camp instructions/rules. Students are expected to exhibit safe behaviour. 
  • Physical Contact – Students are to keep their hands to themselves, no fighting, punching, kicking, etc. 
  • Inclusivity – Students are expected to treat everyone with respect and do their best to be inclusive. 

Disciplinary Procedure 

  • Incident Reports or Daily Manager’s Report – Negative behaviour will be recorded and a verbal or written notice will be given to parents. 
  • Repeated Negative Behaviour – Repeated negative behaviour will be recorded and repeated to the students parents or guardians. This system will give students and their parents warnings about unacceptable behaviour in camps and programs. This should encourage improvement in their behaviour and give the student a chance to turn the situation around. If this system does not work for the student, they will be removed from the program or camp. 
  • Extreme Cases – In the case of extremely dangerous or unacceptable behaviour, the child may be instantly removed from the program or camp at the Supervisor and Executive Director’s discretion. A pro-rated refund may be provided in these scenarios at the Executive Director’s discretion.  If it has been decided by the Supervisor or the Executive Director that a student must be removed/withdrawn from an ACSS Program or Camp, due to extreme reasons, they are to be additionally withdrawn from all other programs or camps they are registered in. A location change is not a possibility  
  • Intentionally Damaging Equipment/Facilities – Student(s) who intentionally damage equipment or facilities will be removed from the program or camp. 

Student Drop-off and Pickup 

  • Alternate Pickup – Only people listed in the Amilia Alternate Pickup Form during registration are permitted to pick up program or camp participants. 
  • Permission to Walk Home – For students to walk home alone, the Amilia Walk Home Permission Form must be filled out during registration. Otherwise, the student must be picked up from the program or camp by an approved parent/guardian or alternate pickup. 
  • Timeliness – Students are expected to be dropped off on-time and picked up on-time. Repeated late drop offs or pick ups will result in an extra charge or removal from the program or camp as we must follow a strict and structured timeline. 
  • Program Drop-off – Students must be dropped off at the program doors by an adult and attendance will be taken by the instructor. 
  • Program Pickup – Student must be picked up at the program doors unless they have permission to walk home. 
  • Camp Drop-off – Students must be dropped off at the camp doors and signed in by an adult. 
  • Camp Pickup – Student must be picked up at the camp doors and signed out by an adult.  

Program Evaluations

  • Program Evaluations play an important part in the overall process of providing quality services.
  • Evaluations will be handed out to the parents and guardians of our camps and programs when there are a few days left. They are the best way to provide feedback on our camps and programs.
  • Evaluations give ACSS and School District 34 great feedback and ideas – we learn about successes and challenges and how, together, we can make better programs for our community.


  • If Sick then Stay Home – If your child is sick, then please do not bring them to our programs or camps.  
  • Sickness Policy – ACSS reserves the right to send a student(s) home from the program or camp if they exhibit fever, cold, mucus (runny nose), phlegm (cough), throwing up, diarrhea, other symptoms, cannot participate comfortably in activities, require more care than instructors can provide. 
  • Returning to Program – We require a child to be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to our programs or camps. Symptoms typically covered under this rule include vomiting, diarrhea, rash, persistent cough, fever, and contagious conditions such as head lice or pink eye.  
  • Notification – A notification email will be sent to all parents in case a student with a contagious illness attends a program or camp.  

Medical Awareness 

  • EA/Support – To best support students with designations, we must be informed of those designations in the medical notes portion of the Amilia registration. If the student has designated daily support or if ACSS deems the child as needing support in our programs or camps, then it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide that support. In order to fill these support roles at camp or in our programs, EAs and Support Workers must provide a Criminal Record Check to the Executive Director and the program Supervisor. We reserve the right to remove student(s) to whom we cannot provide the necessary resources for.  *If you are a Parent/Legal Guardian that requires more information regarding EA/Support for our programming and camps, please view the ACSS Additional Assistance Guidelines document listed above*.
  • Medical Release Checkbox – Participation in programs or camps requires the acceptance of our Medical Release Agreement/Policy.  
  • Incident Reports – Incident reports will track all major medical incidents. For minor medical incidents (scraped knee, cut on finger, etc), a Manager’s Daily Report will be kept. 
  • 911  In case of major incident requiring professional medical aid, 911 will be called and their instructions will be followed. Please note that all of our instructors are required to have CPR C and First Aid. Parents and Guardians will be updated immediately should this event occur.

Technology in Programs, Camps, and Field Trips 

  • Phones – Phones are only permitted for instructors and only for program needs. No phones or other devices are allowed for participants in programs or camps. Using prohibited technology will result in it being confiscated by the ACSS staff. 
  • Technology Programs – No food or drinks are permitted near equipment and students are to treat equipment with a high degree of respect. Students who intentionally cause damage to equipment will be automatically removed from the program.  

Registration and Waitlists  

  • Online Registration – All registration is to be done online only. If assistance is needed, please contact our office at info@abbycommunity.com or 604-853-2221.  
  • Reserving Spots – We do not offer reserved spots in programs or camps. 
  • Age Restrictions – Children must fall within the age restriction(s) of the programs or camps. 
  • Non-Registered Participants – Only registered persons are allowed to participate in our programs.  
  • Family Programs – For programs that require both an adult and student registration together, please note that only the registered adult is permitted to attend. In the case that the adult is no longer able to attend the program, their registration may be replaced with another adult’s registration for the remainder of the program. This process can only be done once. Please contact the office to have this done. 
  • Drop Off Programs – On the first day of drop off programs, adults are welcome to stay for 10 minutes on the sidelines to ensure that the student is comfortable in the program. For sport programs in the gymnasium, adults are welcome to watch from the sidelines if there is seating available, but please no coaching from the sidelines. For all other types of programs, we ask that you to please drop off and pick up your student at the appropriate times. 
  • Waitlists – When space become available in our programs or camps, our registration system will notify client(s) on the waitlist via email. 

InstructorsVolunteers, and Guest Visitors 

  • Staff – All ACSS instructors are required to obtain CPR C, First Aid, and a Criminal Record Check. Our staff predominantly consist of university students pursuing careers in Education, Social Work, or similar fields, but not limited to. We strive to hire staff with skillsets that complement our programs. 
  • Volunteers – Our programs and camps may have volunteers. Volunteers over the age of 19 are required to submit their Criminal Record Check to ACSS. Volunteers are never left alone with student(s). 
  • Guest Visitors – Occasionally, ACSS programs and camps will include visits from guests or other organizations.  
  • Program and Camp Ratios – Programs with 12 or less students have 1 instructor, programs with 13-20 students have 2 instructors. Above 20 students, there will be 3 or more instructors.

Program, Camp, Event, and Registration Dates 

  • Fall Session – October – December
  • Winter Session – January – March
  • Spring Session – April – June
  • Summer Camps – July – August
  • Winter and Spring Camps – Registration dates TBD. Stay tuned… 
  • Please note that these dates are subject to change. Keep updated through our website, Facebook, and Instagram!  

Lost and Found 

  • Programs – All lost and found items left behind in programs will be taken by the instructor and brought back to class for the following session. If no one claims the items, they will be placed in the school’s lost and found bin. It is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to connect with the instructor regarding lost and found items. 
  • Camps – All lost and found items will be announced daily. If no one claims the items by the end of the final week of camps, they will be donated to a nonprofit. It is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to connect with the instructor regarding lost and found items. 

Photos and Social Media 

  • Taking pictures during programs is only permitted for ACSS Staff. ACSS will only feature photographs of students who have given ACSS and community partners photo release permission. Our social media includes Facebook, Instagram, brochures, flyers, and our website. 

How does ACSS prepare for summer camps with communicable disease?

  • We are all concerned for the wellbeing of all of our staff, students, and parents during communicable disease emergencies, so we will be implementing the following policies to protect everyone.
  • Our Summer Camp Managers will have a week to lesson plan and become familiar with our protocols, etc. Being that this is the first time ACSS has had to deal with a pandemic during camps, we will follow many of the SD34 protocols already in place and will be implementing our own as well. Please keep in mind that these protocols may be subjected to change/addition of more as we walk this journey together.
  • Camps will consist of 5 instructors and possibility of 1-2 volunteers to a maximum of 20 students.

The following policies will be implemented:

  • The goal is to be outside as much as possible, weather dependent.
  • 20 students will be divided into groups of 10 students with 2-3 instructors each.
  • When inside the building, the group of 10 students and instructors will be rotating between two spaces.
  • Social distancing will be key in all locations and throughout the duration of the day.
  • NO field trips or outings will take place in camps this summer… No skating, swimming, or weekly field trips.
  • Hand washing and sanitizing is a must throughout the day as students are entering and leaving locations.
  • Staff and students are welcome to wear masks, gloves, etc, although this is not a requirement.
  • Cleaning protocols will be implemented for staff throughout the day and at the end of each day.
  • If a student has Covid19, an official letter will go out to all parents of the camps.
  • Any student showing any Covid19 symptoms will be given a mask and gloves and will be quarantined in the school’s medical room. Parent/guardian will have to pick them up asap!
  • If a student is sent home with Covid19 symptoms, then they must have a doctor’s note of clearance to return to camp.
  • All parents/students are required to fill out a “Daily Health Check” each day before they are allowed to attend camp.