How is ACSS preparing you for summer camps with Covid19?

We are all concerned for the wellbeing of all of our staff, students, and parents during these Covid19 times, so we will be implementing the following policies to protect everyone.

Our summer camp managers will have a week to lesson plan and become familiar with our protocols, etc. Being that this is the first time ACSS has had to deal with a pandemic during camps, we will follow many of the SD34 protocols already in place and will be implementing our own as well. Please keep in mind that these protocols may be subjected to change/addition of more as we walk this journey together.

Camps will consist of 5 instructors and possibility of 1-2 volunteers to a maximum of 20 students.

The following policies will be implemented:

  • The goal is to be outside as much as possible, weather dependent.
  • 20 students will be divided into groups of 10 students with 2-3 instructors each.
  • When inside the building, the group of 10 students and instructors will be rotating between two spaces.
  • Social distancing will be key in all locations and throughout the duration of the day.
  • NO field trips or outings will take place in camps this summer… No skating, swimming, or weekly field trips.
  • Hand washing and sanitizing is a must throughout the day as students are entering and leaving locations.
  • Staff and students are welcome to wear masks, gloves, etc, although this is not a requirement.
  • Cleaning protocols will be implemented for staff throughout the day and at the end of each day.
  • If a student has Covid19, an official letter will go out to all parents of the camps.
  • Any student showing any Covid19 symptoms will be given a mask and gloves and will be quarantined in the school’s medical room. Parent/guardian will have to pick them up asap!
  • If a student is sent home with Covid19 symptoms, then they must have a doctor’s note of clearance to return to camp.
  • All parents/students are required to fill out a “Daily Health Check” each day before they are allowed to attend camp.