About Us

The Central Abbotsford Community School Society is a group of schools in the Abbotsford that have been converted into community schools. As a non-profit society, we work with each school to utilize the facility when it is not being used for educational purposes to provide recreational and educational opportunities for the community.

We program with the community in mind, and a community development philosophy. We partner with community agencies and grant providers to provide unique and accessible opportunities to our community. To see the programs and special events that we offer, download our program brochures or check the Programs page.

Cancellation Policies:

Regular Programs:
$5 administration fee – no deadline prior. If the program has started there will be no refund.

Summer Camps:
$10 administration fee per transaction – must be by the Monday prior to the start of camps. If not, there will be no refund.

Boot Camp:
$5 administration fee – no deadline, if the program has started then we will refund the remaining classes minus the admin fee.