Spring Programs
Registration opens March 1st, 2018
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Ballet & Creative Movement

A fun and exciting introduction to ballet and movement! Classes incorporate stretching and the fundamentals of ballet, including basic positions and the necessary skills to get started. *Ballet shoes are required (“nylon gym slippers” are about $15 at Jazz-Ma-Tazz in Abbotsford).

8 sessions  --  Ages 3-5 yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 5 --  Thu  --  5:00pm-5:45pm
Abbotsford Senior - Dance Studio


A high energy introduction to the world of Jazz. Classes will include a safe and structured routine for stretching, movement exercises and basic Jazz techniques. In addition to this students will learn how to follow simple choreography.

8 sessions  --  Ages 6-8 yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 5 --  Thu  --  6:00pm-6:45pm
Abbotsford Senior - Dance Studio


An exciting introduction to Hip-Hop artistry! Classes will include a warm-up and short dance combination that will allow students to explore creative dance through music and choreography. This class is for students who love hip-hop movement, to practice art forms, and to express themselves freely in a safe, structured and inspiring environment.

8 sessions  --  Ages 9-12 yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 5 --  Thu  --  7:00pm-8:00pm
Abbotsford Senior - Dance Studio

Little Heroes

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… It’s little heroes! This program will explore what it takes to be a little hero in our community. Students will learn how to sharpen their leadership skills, to always be safe, to recognize members of our community, and what it truly takes to be a good citizen.

These skills will be discovered by meeting true Super Heroes from our community and through dramatic play, crafts, games and songs.

Little Heroes are encouraged to come to class in their favourite Super Hero costume or a costume of their own creation..

8 sessions  --  Ages 4-5 yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 9 --  Mon-- 5:30pm-6:00pm
Sweeney Neighbourhood Centre -Room B

Baby Massage

During an infant massage class you and your child will learn and feel the benefits of nurturing touch. We do this through massage, reflexology and yoga. We will learn new strokes each week, and by the end of the 8 sessions you will be able to give your child a full body massage. You will also learn strokes that can help your baby with common ailments like teething and tummy pain. We follow the babies cues and learn what they like and dislike while being respectful to their needs and wants. During a baby massage class we get to know other parents and discuss some useful parenting topics, and have time to ask questions.

8 sessions  --  First Year  --  $FREE
Apr 10 --  Tues--  9:00am-10:30am
Sweeney Neighbourhood Centre -Room B

Jitterbug Dance Program

Get ready to explore music and fitness with your toddler. You are your child’s first and most im-portant teacher, moving and grooving together will help your little one develop agility, balance and coordination while preparing them for lifelong health.

8 sessions  --  Ages 2-4  --  FREE
Apr 11 --  Wed --  1:00pm-2:00pm
Sweeney Neighbourhood Centre -Room B

Cooking for Babies & Toddlers

Learn how to cook easy, healthy and nutritious meals for children from the age group of 0 – 6 yrs. Toddlers’ first meals such as soups, fruit, veggie purees and snacks are just a few ideas, come and see what else will be on the menu!

8 sessions  --  Ages Parents/Guardians 0-6  --  FREE
Apr 11 --  Wed --  6:45pm-8:00pm
Euguene Reimer Middle School - Room 150

Al Fresco Dining

Are you looking forward to warmer days and out-door dining? Then this is the cooking program for you! Make the most of the gorgeous weather coming up, by eating outside with a picnic or dining in your backyard on the patio. Our collection of delicious al fresco recipes will make you and your guests excited to dine outdoors, and this will make the most of your patio dining experience.

*Parent participation is required, this is a great way to spend quality time together as well!

8 sessions  --  Ages 6-12 yrs & Adult  --  $85/pair
Apr 10 --  Tue  --  6:00pm-7:30pm
Abbotsford Senior - Foods Room, Rm 302

Food, Family, Fun!

Join us every Thursday evening for a hands-on family dinner, games and activities, and a chance for you and your little ones to make new friends and have fun!

This is a free drop-in program! Please register via Facebook (message Abbotsford Early Years), phone (778-880-8554) or email (

Pleases register each week no later than Tuesday, at 1:00 pm, if you plan to attend Thursday. We hope to see you there.

8 sessions  --  Ages 0-6  --  FREE
Apr 12 --  Thurs  --  5:30pm-7:30pm
Sweeney Neighbourhood Centre

Manga Art Technique

Enjoy manga or anime? Want to learn how to draw it? Then sign up for an awesome 8 week class where you will learn the basics of drawing manga art, helpful habits for improving your drawing ability, and how to plan out your own comic or manga!

8 sessions  --  Ages 8+yrs  --  $45.00
Apr 10  --  Tue  --  6:30pm-8:00pm
Abbotsford Middle School - Multi-Purpose Room

Home Alone 101

This program is designed to provide children with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone, for short periods of time. It will help them understand how to prevent problems, handle real-life situations, and keep them safe and constructively occupied.

The program focuses on small group discussions, role-playing and instructor-led demonstrations.

8 sessions  --  Ages 10+yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 9  --  Mon--  6:00pm-7:30pm
Abbotsford Middle School - MPR

Basketball Skills & Drills

This program is designed to develop fundamental basketball skills and promote the love of basketball. We emphasize sportsmanship and team play. We emphasize sportsmanship and team play.

8 sessions  --  Ages 7-9 yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 12 --  Thu  --  6:00pm-7:00pm
Abbotsford Middle - Gym  

8 sessions  --  Ages 10 - 13 yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 12 --  Thu  --  7:00pm-8:00pm
Abbotsford Middle - Gym

Soccer Skills 

Our Soccer Skill program is designed to teach beginning kids the importance of basic soccer skills (dribbling, passing, trapping, scoring) while gaining confidence for the game. Children will play a very basic game of soccer in a pressure - free environment. Soccer Skills will also teach the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

8 sessions  --  Ages 5-7 yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 11 --  Wed --  6:00pm-6:45pm
Abbotsford Middle - Gym  

8 sessions  --  Ages 8 - 12 yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 11 --  Wed--  7:00pm-8:00pm
Abbotsford Middle - Gym

Multi Sport Program

Are you still trying to figure out what your favourite sport is? Try them all in this great program. Dodge-ball, soccer and basketball are just a few of the ways we’ll stay active in this awesome class. We will be ending the program with some fun literacy games.

8 sessions  --  Ages 4-6 yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 3 --  Tues--  6:00pm-6:45pm
Abbotsford Middle School - Gym  

8 sessions  --  Ages 4-6 yrs  --  $40.00
Apr 3 --  Tues--  7:00pm-8:00pm
Abbotsford Middle School - Gym  


Yoga is a fun and active way to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. Students will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. Additionally, this program will promote self-confidence, and self-regulation, while having fun and being challenged.

8 sessions  --  Ages 8+ Adult  --  $40.00
Apr 10 --  Tues-- 7:00pm-8:00pm
Abbotsford Middle School - Gym

Ultimate Frisbee

Are you tired of traditional sports? Come and try our new program, Ultimate Frisbee! This co-ed sport is the perfect game to get ready for summer, you can easily play this at the park, lake or the beach! This non-contact sport is so much fun. Come out and learn how to play this ultimate sport!

8 sessions  --  Ages 7-11  --  $40.00
Apr 9 --  Mon-- 6:00pm-7:30pm
Abbotsford Middle School - Gym

Abby Talks

This program is designed to challenge and motivate students on their personal journeys to success.
Abby Talks will focus on leadership skills, social skills, life skills, mental wellness and an introduction to educational options. 
The goal is to empower students and to have them feel confident and excited to start making decisions for their future!

Please note, upon registration, each participant will be entered in a draw for a chance to WIN 2 movie passes including popcorn and drinks.

In addition, PIZZA will be served on these evenings, compliments of Coast Capital.

Sponsored by Coast Capital Savings & Partnered with West Abbotsford Community School Society

8 sessions  --  Ages 13-17 yrs  --  FREE
Apr 11  --  Wed--  6:00pm-8:00pm
Colleen & Gordie Howe - MPR & Gym




Bring the whole family for an evening filled with play stations that may include soccer, hula hoops, basketball, floor hockey, Lego and more! No registration required. *Parent participation required.

Sponsored by

Parent & Tot Drop-In Gym @ Abby Middle

8 sessions  --  Ages 0-5 yrs + Adult  --  FREE
Apr 10--  Tue  --  6:00pm-7:00pm
Abbotsford Middle - Gym

Parent & Tot Drop-In Gym @ BlueJay Elem.

8 sessions  --  Ages 0-5 yrs + Adult  --  FREE
Apr 11 --  Wed--  6:00pm-7:00pm
Blue Jay Elementary - Gym

Alexander Family Playtime

8 sessions  --  All Ages  --  FREE
Apr 4  --  Wed  --  6:00pm-7:30pm
Alexander Elementary - Gym  

Jackson Family Playtime

8 sessions  --  All Ages  --  FREE
Apr 5  --  Thu  --  6:00pm-7:30pm
Jackson Elementary - Gym  

Pre-Teen Xtreme

Pre-teens - Are you looking for something fun to do on a Friday night? Come on out to play your favourite sports and games. No registration required. Parents - This is a drop-off program. Students must be signed in/out by a parent. Please print off a Medical Form from here and bring it with you to the program.

8 sessions  --  Ages 8-12 yrs  --  FREE

Apr 6  --  Fri  --  6:30pm-8:00pm
Abbotsford Middle School - Gym 
(No session on Feb 23)

8 sessions  --  Ages 8-12 yrs  --  FREE
Apr 6  --  Fri  --  6:30pm-8:00pm
Eugene Reimer Middle School - Gym